All Reservations for single-crystal and powder X-ray diffractometers are made through our online reservation website. If your sample is unstable and you need to arrange for special circumstances, please contact Saeed Khan.

You must log onto each instrument through the LinRL computer in the X-Ray lab. For directions on using the LinRL, please click here.

How to make a reservation

Web–based X-Ray Reservations

1. You must be at UCLA or using a UCLA VPN to connect to the web-based reservations. (See 6. below for information on obtaining a UCLA VPN.)

2. Firefox is the recommended browser. Internet Explorer will work but will require a “refresh” after making or canceling a reservation.

3. To use the web-based reservation system, you will need to know at least the first three characters of your username as it was entered in the LinRL system.

a. This is not usually the same as a login name you may have on any instrument. Usually this is yoursurname. Be sure to note what it is at the time you are first given access to LinRL.

b. It is not case-sensitive, i.e. you may enter it in the “Your Name:” box without concern for capitalization.

4. The four digit code you use to log on is the “Access Code” for the web-based reservation. It is also not

5. Web address:

a. Notice that the instruments currently in use will be listed at the bottom.

b. On the upper left, select the Instrument you want to reserve.

c. Select the day. This will highlight in green all the days for which reservations are allowed, even if they may be currently filled. This will also bring up the “Your Name:” and “Access Code:” boxes. Fill them in and select “Login”.

d. You may need to again select the day for which you want to make or cancel a reservation. This will display all 24 hours, in 10 minute blocks. You can navigate to other days by just selecting the day. You can change to a different instrument by selecting the instrument, then selecting the day even if it is the same day you had selected for the previous instrument.

e. Once you are displaying the schedule for the appropriate instrument and date, select a “Starting:” time and the “Until:” time. Select “Reservation” or “Cancellation”. Then click “Submit”. A window will pop up for you to confirm or cancel the submission. If you had chosen “Cancellation” an extra pop-up will remind you to be sure to read the next pop-up so you don’t inadvertently cancel the wrong thing.

f. When you are through, select “Log Out”.

6. How to obtain a UCLA VPN.

To obtain a Bruin OnLine (BOL) VPN, go to the following link and follow the directions: