You must be at UCLA or use UCLA VPN to access the Materials reservations web site ( To place a reservation:

  1. Click on the instrument you would like to reserve.

  2. Click on a certain day to view availability.

  3. Log on with Your (Last) Name, and your reservation Access Code.

  4. Place your reservation.

Instrument Log in Instructions

  • If the log in window is not open, click on this icon:

  • Double click on

  • Log onto the user account “mat” with password: “mattam1”

  • Type “linlog” to open the log in program

SQUID and XPS reservations are managed by

If you are a new user:

  • Request an account here, and choose the "Materials Lab at The Molecular Instrumentation Center (MIC)" under: 'labs you are interested in'.

  • Email Ignacio at to activate your account.

Please follow the reservations rules below that apply for the different groups, not just individual users:

  1. If you are reserving time for any month other than the current month, you can reserve a maximum of 4 days/month.

  2. For the current month: Before the 15th, you can reserve up to a total of 6 days during that month. On or after the 15th, it is completely open for the rest of the month.

  3. For every 3 days you use the instrument, at least one of those days needs to be a weekend day. Holidays count as weekend days as well.

  4. Days go from 9 AM to 9AM, and are identified by the first calendar date (Typically reserved from 1AM to 11PM). However, you should always check with the next/current users to confirm for the turn over time.

  5. For the time being, only full day reservations are allowed. Half day reservations might be allowed in the future.

Low-magnification top-view FESEM images of a KLE23-templated nanocrystal-based mesoporous TiO2 film

Iris E. Rauda, Veronica Augustyn, Bruce Dunn, and Sarah H. Tolbert (2013). Enhancing Pseudocapacitive Charge Storage in Polymer Templated Mesoporous Materials. Acc. Chem. Res., 2013, 46 (5), pp 1113–1124.