If your funding is managed in a department other than Chemistry and Biochemistry, please apply for a chemistry recharge account (download application form)

Usage of the instruments in the Mass Spec lab will be recharged based on the amount of time they are used. The current rates for the recharged instruments are as follows.

    • User-run (open access) rates for most Mass Spectrometers are $45/hour.

    • Staff-run rates are $145/hour.

    • The Exactive Plus with the DART source is charged at $24/sample.

    • User-run centrifuge rate is $15/hour

    • User-run helium leak detector is $75/day

    • There is no charge for using the provided data analysis PCs.

In addition to providing instruments for independent use, the Mass Spec Lab offers staff consultation services to help users develop, troubleshoot, and optimize their analysis. Fees for these services are charged as follows.

Staff consultation rates are $100/hour.

  • Consultation fees are only charged after they are approved by the user.

  • Consultation fees are charged in 15 min increments.

  • Staff services that involve instrument use are charged as a combination of consultation and instrument use costs.

Consultation fees are charged primarily for the following services.

  • Extensive user training.

  • Extensive method development.

  • Data collection / analysis for submitted samples.

  • Instrument hardware modifications.

There is no charge for the following common staff services.

  • Help with method development or data analysis for routine qualitative or relative quantitative analyses.

  • Help with instrument operation.

  • Troubleshooting a possibly malfunctioning instrument.