If your funding is managed in a department other than Chemistry and Biochemistry, please apply for a chemistry recharge account (download application form)

Once you have been given access, the account number that you provide will be charged an access fee every month. The current rate is $30/month/user. Access fees are only charged to a maximum of 5 users per Research Director. This charge is assessed whether or not you use the lab. Thus, you should notify us that youraccess should be removed if you no longer plan to use the lab. Please make sure that your research director is aware of this charge policy.

Additionally, usage of some of the instruments in the Materials lab will be recharged based on the amount of time they are used. The current rates for the recharged instruments are:

  • SEM $50/hour

  • Sputterer $18/hour

  • AFM $10/hour

  • TGA $13/hour

  • DSC $13/hour

  • Light Scattering $5/hour

  • SQUID $150/day

  • XPS $220/day

  • Consultation/training $100/hour

(A) SEM image of a sectioned W11B12 ingot in backscattered electron (compositional) mode indicating compositional uniformity of WB4.2 (bright) grains. (B) Backscattered electron SEM image of a fractured ingot of an arc-melted sample in the ratio W:B of 1:12. Light regions are the tungsten-containing phase.

Andrew T. Lecha, Christopher L. Turnera, Reza Mohammadib, Sarah H. Tolberta,c,d, and Richard B. Kanera. 2015. PNAS, 112:3223-3228.